Planned Acts of Kindness


The idea for AreUKind emerged during a long overdue family vacation in Long Boat Key, Florida in the Spring of 2013.

  1. 2010 - Joe attends a Michael Franti and Spearhead concert with some long time friends where Michael shared his story of going barefoot for over 10 years, and spoke of his affiliation with the Soles4Souls organization
  2. 2011 -Josh and Jacob collect over 1000 pairs of shoes and deliver them to the S4S Headquarters in Nashville, TN while on Fall Break.  We made great friends while there which only helped to fuel our passion for the cause.
  3. 2013 -While on Spring Break in Florida our entire family decided to create this organization with the hopes of facilitating at least four Planned Acts of Kindness each year. 

Foundation History

Our family, like many we know, are incredibly fortunate to have all that we do and we want to help others who are less fortunate whenever we can. Whenever our family has volunteered for charity, or when simply helping others in need, good things always happen, and we feel incredibly good for having been involved.  Doing good things for others, in a visible way, will help to inspire others we encounter to do the same.  Our feeling is that if we can inspire others to act in positive ways, by providing small, easy yet meaningful ways to contribute and participate, we will be doing our part to help create a more positive world in which all of us can live.  

our leadership team